Tell me GAS .... draw me a dream .... GAS, whose real name is Gervaise Accart-Sanier, comes from a swamp country in Picardy where the artist picks up, according to the changing lights, the frank colors with primary tones or the pastel tones all borrow of air sensibility. GAS feeds on the dazzling lights of the sand of its immense beaches in the Bay of Somme and Authie Bay. She scrutinizes any rainbow that emerges and absorbs his palette of light to give life to his paintings. His flamboyant style introduces us to the abstract impressionism kneaded by incidences and suggestions of atmospheres. A complete artist, knowing how to juggle with pleasure and simplicity with colors and lights. GAS is a style, an atmosphere, a technique, a universe. GAS is a painter listed AKOUN.

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