The Thought

Size : 70 x 90 cm
(75 x 95 cm with the american box frame)

Date : 2010

Technic :

My idea: we cannot muzzle the thought.

My work : take the same materials as "Leaf with Leaf"
which were surprising and delicious to work with,
and handle them, manipulate them, organize them in a different way.

So, left-hand side of the painting : the Thought is locked (separation by bamboo), prisoner.

The sheet is whole, the words are tightened, united on a page, blocked, fixed in place, straight
Then, pieces of pages, torn away, escape downward to the left,
to go, such the wind taking tree leaves, crumble,
the words take off then towards the center.
(nb: on one of the torn away pieces features the word "prison")

Scraps of paper with some terms fly away from then on towards the sky (upper right),
the breath of the earth, carrying the remains of trees, embarks with him the words, prop of thought,
they are free to team up with other words to reform a thought then thoughts.

We cannot muzzle the thought.

Selling Price : 1700 €

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