The one-eyed man

Size : 73 x 91 cm

Date : 2010

Technic : Acrylic and oil painting

My idea against selfishness, narrow-mindedness to the joy of communicating, exchanging.

The left side is borrowing from various reliefs and varied, tending to form a face on which one eye appears.The rough appearance of the materials present coincides perfectly with the harshness of these traits, the hardship that this being felt to bind to another individual in another world than his.

One eye to see only one world: his, only he knows, the only one he ever wants to know.Splitting these two worlds, frame her face barriers to linear features, basic, almost ancestral, the equal of his heart and mind;

In contrast, the thirst to know the other is represented by the flat part, without relief; it is, of course, be the most dominant part of the table.This portion highlights the sweetness, the meetings, the wealth that the "other" can bring us, the one that allows you to grow you further and allow also the "other."

Selling Price : 650 €

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